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inter-faith relationship

“Be Wise and in Love” – The Sovereign An assessment of Laws on Interfaith Marital Unions and Freedom of Marriage in India 2020

Abstract: The present paper aims to understand the legal jurisprudence around interfaith marriages in India by analysing recent legislations passed by several States. It further discusses the roots of such legislations, ideology behind them and what purpose they seek to achieve viś-a-viś the secular Special Marriage Act which is already in effect. The author tries…

A Candle for Ankit ... and his lost love and a flickering secularism. A worrying silence echoes in the public sphere.

It was an act of violence and terror, albeit of a critically different kind. When 23-year-old Ankit Saxena’s throat was slit after an altercation with the family members of his childhood sweetheart a few days ago, while the usual suspects of the BJP, Manoj Tiwari, and the Bajrang Dal swung into pre-scripted, hate-driven action, a…

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