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World’s Most Successful Refugee Community – The Case of Tibetan Refugees in India Citizen Kaun - a CJP Series: Did the preferential treatment of the Tibetan refugees result in their success?

When in 1950, China sought to ‘Liberalise’ Tibet, what it did in effect was persecution of the native Tibetans by attacking their unique culture in an attempt to impose Chinese Marxist ideology and practices in the social and political culture of Tibetans, who practice and preach Tibetan Buddhism – with the Dalai Lama as their…

Human Consequences of Forced Migration: The Case of the Chakmas Citizen Kaun - A CJP Series: The fault lines of partition and nationhood in South Asia and the unending saga of despair of the displaced populace

As a consequence of partition of the subcontinent, (according to the 1951 Census of displaces persons), an estimated 72.49 lakh (7.24 million) Hindus and Sikhs had moved from western Punjab (Pakistan) to the Indian side and 72.26 lakh (7.26 million) Muslims had similarly moved from eastern Punjab (India) to the Pakistani. A new dimension was…

NRC को समझने के लिए NPR को समझना ज़रूरी है: तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ इस वीडियो को देखें

हिंदुस्तानी कौन है? ये कौन तय करता है? सुनिए तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ से की संविधान और कानून इस बारे में क्या कहते हैं। जानिए असम में क्या हुआ था। NPR NRC तक कैसे जाता है, NRC है क्या चीज़ और नागरिकता के इस बहस का आधार क्या होना चाहिए?   Related: Why the CAA must be…

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