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Gauri Lankesh Murder Case: Chargesheet names Sanatan Sanstha Momentum gathers for banning the right-wing group

In fresh developments in the Gauri Lankesh murder case, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has filed an additional chargesheet naming the hardline Hindutva group Sanatan Sanstha as the chief perpetrator in the case. Following this there has been a demand to ban the Sanatan Sanstha in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The Karnataka SIT investigating the case…

Gauri Lankesh laid to rest, but The Truth could not be buried One year after her assassination, more evidence emerges of saffron plot to silence rationalists

September 5 marks one whole year since the eventful night when Gauri Lankesh, a fearless journalist and outspoken rationalist, was gunned down in cold blood outside her Bangalore home. In life she was a journalist who unearthed the truth. But even in death, it appears that Gauri will not allow the truth to stay buried. Skeletons…

Shekhar Gupta omits role of Hindutva forces in Bombay violence while criticising Sanju The Print

His hypocrisy has not just crept into the Indian political marketplace, but has been legitimised by policy makers and journalists. Many things went seriously wrong with India’s polity and governance during that dark winter of December 1992-January 1993, and the March 12 serial blasts, which killed close to 250 people, were the final diabolical culmination. Evil, sinister…

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