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How Hate for Muslims and Rohingyas Sells and Spreads on Social Media Insidious attempts to demonise the minority community using incendiary posts and inflammatory tweets

‘Whataboutery’ and ‘fake news’ have become such a staple of our times that every time a news story involving the minority community is reported, it is accompanied by ‘conspiracy theories’ and attempts to draw ‘false equivalence’. The Kathua rape and murder case was no different. What was disturbing though was how the willful campaign of…

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Understand what constitutes Hate Speech And learn how to act against it

There are at long last some indications that a few states at least are awakening to their constitutional duty to control the insidious saffron agenda of systematically spreading hatred against religious minorities as a prelude to violence. A countrywide action in this regard by concerned citizens and groups could go a long way in checking…

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