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SC: Women of all ages can enter Sabrimala Landmark feminist verdict ends Kerala shrine's age old ban on entry of women

In a resounding slap in the face of patriarchy and gender based discrimination, the Supreme Court has put an end to the age old practice of barring entry of women of a menstruating age into the Sabrimala temple. In a landmark judgment, the apex court ruled that women of all age-groups could enter the temple. In…

Uniform Civil Code or Gender Justice?

Caught between the Sangh Parivar which has communalised an essentially secular concern for a uniform civil code and the orthodox Muslim leadership resistent to any change, the women’s movement and other secular-democratic forces seem to have been gripped by – an intellectual paralysis. Unless these organisations de-communalise the demand and shift the focus of the…

Manusmruti or Gender Justice?

August – 1993 HINDUTVA’S HARD-SELL The BJP’s claim of being “within striking distance of the Centre” is bogus. But only the purblind will deny that, as of now, the party which is playing with fire seems to be the only dynamic force in the political arena  PAGE NO. 3 Manusmruti or gender justice? THE saffron…

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