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Hate Watch: CJP writes to NHRC regarding hate on Facebook Flags profile of Hindutva activist Deepak Sharma

CJP has written to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), highlighting one of many Facebook profiles that engage in hate speech online. The profile belongs to one Deepak Sharma, who has previously been embroiled in multiple controversies, first gaining notoriety when he released video allegedly depicting him beating up a young boy, and accusing him…

We fought Hate, with all our Heart CJP’s resilient struggle against a growing atmosphere of hate and online vitriol in 2018

In a long tradition of fighting hate and its commitment to secular and peace enforcing values, right from the Bombay riots of 92-93, Gujarat massacre of 2012 and Ayodhya dispute, CJP kept its #JungJaari to combat hate, acrimony and online vitriol. Even as sane voices kept drowning in mainstream media’s high pitched supposedly nationalist and…

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