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Communal Riots in 2020 Low Numbers only a Deception

Introduction: In the previous section of this report, the authors highlighted the heightened structural violence in India which is contributing to intensifying communal violence. Centre for Study of Society and Secularism (CSSS) brings out annually comprehensive reports on communal violence- consisting of structural violence, physical violence, attitudinal and symbolic violence, to understand the emerging patterns…

Highhandedness of the Delhi Police was shocking: Subhashini Ali Police attacked JNU students peaceful rally

On March 23, the police attacked JNU students’ peaceful rally on the streets of Delhi. Students were beaten, their clothes were torn and they were taken away to an undisclosed police facility says – former CPI (M) MP Subhashini Ali who was also present. In this conversation with Teesta Setalvad she recounts what happened after…

JNU के छात्रों पर पुलिस ने कैसे किया अत्याचार सुनिए सुभाषिनी अली की ज़ुबानी

२३ March को Delhi की सड़कों पर JNU के छात्रों के शांतिपूर्ण रैली पर पुलिस ने अटैक किया. छात्र – छात्राओं को मारा गया, उनके कपड़े फाड़े गए और उन्हें पुलिस की एक ट्रेनिंग फैसिलिटी में ले जाया गया – माकपा की पूर्व सांसद सुभाषिनी अली वहां मौजूद थी. तीस्ता सेतालवाद के साथ इस बातचीत…

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