Hate Buster: Delhi Police shoot down hotel’s claim of ‘order’ to deny room to J&K man Police say they never issued any order to disregard ID documents from J&K

25, Mar 2022 | CJP Team

The Delhi Police made a public statement to call out a local hotel whose receptionist / manager was filmed on video as she denied a room to a guest from Jammu and Kashmir. She claimed that the “special cell” and “Delhi Police” had “instructed” that identity documents from J&K were not to be considered as proof. The man offered to show his Aadhaar card and Passport, both of which would also have his address from J&K.

However, her claim was busted by the Delhi police who tweeted, “It is clarified that no such direction has been given by Delhi Police” and warned that social media users who were “are trying to discredit the image of Delhi Police through willful misrepresentation of the video in circulation which can attract penal action.”

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The Delhi Hotel was listed on Oyo Rooms, a popular hotel aggregation firm from where the Kashmiri man had confirmed his booking. Once the video of him being denied a room went viral, even Oyo Rooms took action and announced that the hotel had been taken off its platform. It said that it will also “check what compelled the hotel to deny check-in.”

The undated video is now being seen as an example of dicrimination and hate against Muslims, especially Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir in the aftermath of release of the movie The Kashmir Files. Scores of viral videos have shown how in the theatres showing the film, calls for Muslim genocide ar given, and anti Muslim soeeches made. However, if this video is confirmed as recent, it will also prove that the hate and discrimation is now normalised even in the National Capital. The video was first shared by Nasir Khuehami, who is National Spokesperson of Jammu And Kashmir Students’ Association who called it an “Impact of #KashmirFiles on the ground”

Image Courtesy:apnlive.com


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