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Meer Hamza

Grassroot Fellowship ft. Meer Hamza, Van Gujjar Episode 5 of CJP's podcast series Rightscast

Grassroot Fellowship Programme by CJP is a one of its kind endeavour which gives voices to the underrepresented. With the power of storytelling also comes empowerment. CJP provides these young fellows from underrepresented communities to take charge of the narrative by providing them with knowledge and tools. In the first episode of this three-part series,…

CJP Wednesdays RightsCast

RIGHTSCAST: Introducing CJP’s new Podcast Series Listen to the voices of everyday Indians

From Citizenship concerns in Assam, to an unequal battle for Forest Rights, from rights defenders put behind bars, to young CJP Fellows, we bring to you our new podcast series, Rightscast. Listen to these important conversations around Human Rights issues, tales of struggles to uphold India’s Constitution and the voices of everyday Indians. To Know…

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