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NRC-excluded Assam man flees home CJP has reached out immediately

The citizenship crisis has already claimed 107 lives in Assam. As impoverished and marginalised people face new struggles everyday, they end up taking extreme steps. Upon being devastated at the exclusion from the final NRC, Zabbar Ali fled home fearing the prospect of life behind bars in a Detention Camp while his wife and four…

How CJP volunteer motivators are defying all odds in Assam Listen to our volunteer motivators speak about their current work in Assam

From floods to a global pandemic, CJP’s volunteer motivators are moving ahead fearlessly to help everyone fighting the citizenship crisis in Assam. Each one of us, is committed to fight for those battling this grave human rights crisis, in courts and beyond. Help us help Assam. Donate here: Related: CJP Impact: Four people released…

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