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Article 21 of Indian Constitution

Understanding the right to default bail It is an extension of Article 21: Right to Life and Personal Liberty

The Supreme Court of India has held that there is a fundamental right granted to an accused person to be released on bail once the conditions of the first proviso to Section 167(2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure are fulfilled. Moreover, life and personal liberty of an individual must be paramount. The three-judge Bench…

Rights of the Dead: Do they have any in India? Revisiting the sensitive subject in wake of the Hathras victim's rushed cremation

Soon after the death of Dr. Simon Hercules in Chennai and the subsequent brouhaha over his last rights, where he was denied a dignified funeral, CJP’s sister publication Sabrang India had delved deep into the subject of rights of the dead in India. Today, we feel the need to revisit this in wake of the…

Does the Constitution stand with our farmers and their rights? A closer look at safeguards available to the agricultural community

The country is presently engulfed in peaceful protests by farmers, a community that has largely known to be organised yet silent; a community that toils hard to drive the farming sector and to ensure food security for the countrymen. According to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural…

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