State government wants 100% re-verification of NRC Dainik Janmabhumi

20, May 2021

Shortly after being sworn in, the new State Government under the leadership of Chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for reverification of NRC. The State Government has requested the Supreme Court to order a complete reverification of NRC within a limited time by mentioning multiple inconsistencies. On the other hand, the newly formed government also requested to form a monitoring committee in each district under the guidance of district magistrate to look into this re verification process.
It becomes clear that the new government has taken reverification process very seriously since the NRC State Coordinator & Secretary of Home & political dept. (Assam) has filed a petition. On the other hand, Abhijit Sharma, Secretary of Assam Public Works, the main petitioner regarding the development of NRC has praised the move of the new government on reverification. Similarly, the All Assam Students Union hopes that the new government will take positive step to protect the interests of Assamese community in the reverification process of NRC. The Chief Advisor of Students Union Dr. Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharya mentioned, “We had already filed a petition in the Supreme Court to erase the inconsistency after checking it thoroughly. Because only a pure NRC could protect the Khilonjia Assamese people.” On the other hand, he says that due to the negligence of Central and State Governments, it has hundreds of errors. He further clarifies, “We hopes that the new Government will reverify the process on the basis of Assam Accord under the guidance of Supreme Court.” He informs the students Union will not rest until get a pure NRC without a name of Bangladeshi. He further said, “No dialogues, we want result”. On the other hand, mentioning he has not witnessed the petition filed by state government and added it’s a good thing to reverify the 100% of NRC.
On the other side, Abhijit Sharma, the main petitioner regarding the development of the NRC has welcomed the complete re verification process and mentioned that the government should equally re examine and start investigation of cases filed by us regarding the NRC. ‍Action has to be taken against the person who has spoiled 3 hundred crores in the name of NRC. On the other hand, he mentioned that the re verification process should be started after the contemporary situation created by Covid in the state. He said that first the name of the original inhabitants has to be included who has left out previously. Because it is required to enrolled the names of pure citizens. It is noticeable that Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma has taken oath as an CM on May 9. After the sworn in, he has expressed on a press conference that the re examination process will be done . It becomes very noticeable as after a day of the press conference on May 11 the state government has filed the petition for re verification of 100% NRC.
Now it will be observable to notice that direction of Supreme Court on the petition filed by state government in the coming days.


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