Citizens for Justice and Peace

Evidence of State Complicity- Report

08, May 2017


I. Mapping the:



(Source: Report submitted by the Gujarat State Intelligence Bureau to the Election Commission)

Statistics that Indicate all the areas/districts of Gujarat that were affected by the communal carnage that engulfed the state in February, 2002

II. Interim Report of the National Human Rights Commission 2002

III. Report of the National Human Rights Commission 2002, July 2002

IV. Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the Empowerment of Women(August 2002)

V. Full Texts of the Five Affidavits Submitted by former ADGP Intelligence, State of Gujarat, R. B. Sreekumar, who retired after a stiff legal battle as Director General of Police in 2008

Dates of Affidavits: 15.7.2002  / 6.10.2004 / 9.4.2005 / 27.10.2005 / 3.5.2010

Register that recorded illegal instructions –April-September 2002

Personal Register

VI. Report of the Central Election Commission 2002 Postponing the Gujarat
Elections, 2002

VII. Gujarat State Government Response to the NHRC ON Relief andRehabilitation (31.1.2005)

VI. Report of the Central Election Commission 2002 Postponing the Gujarat
Elections, 2002

VIII. Photographs of Dismembered and
Brutalised Bodies of Victims from Naroda Patiya and Naroda Gaam buried in
a Mass Grave at the Kalandari Kabrastan on 3.3.2002

IX. Booklet on Guidelines on how to tackle Communal Riots, Gujarat,19.11.1997

X. NHRC Orders Authentication of Tehelka Tapes (5.3.2008)

XI. Note on CBI Report Authentication of Tehelka Tapes

XII. Excerpts of EditorÂ’s Guild Report 2002

XIII. Targeted Economic Destruction of the Minority Community, 2002

XIV. Evidence of Involvement of Hindutva Rightwing Extremist Individuals and Organisations in the Gujarat Carnage of 2002

Official Table

Tehelka Tapes


Overwhelming Evidence of the Direct Involvement of the Gujarat Government in the Violence that engulfed the state from February 2002

Chief Minister

State Cabinet Ministers

State Bureaucracy – Civil Servants, Policemen

Modi willfully ignored intelligence reports of the Gujarat SIB

Modi misled the Election Commission


Affidavit of then SP Bhavnagar, Rahul Sharma, July 2002

XVI. Detailed Documentary Evidence of State Complicity

XVII. Detailed Documentary Evidence Against Top Police Brass

XVIII. Subversion of the Criminal Justice System

XIX. Punishing Law Abiding Officers

The Battle
that RB Sreekumar Fought

Judgements ( 26.09.200628.09.2007 )

XX. Rewarding Illegal Acts

Continuing Subversion by the Government of Gujarat



The Best Bakery Verdict (Supreme

The Best Bakery Verdict
(Trial Court, 26.2.2006)

The Bilkees
Bano Verdict (21.1.2008)

Report of the
Registrar General of the Supreme Court of India


Ineffective Relief and Rehabilitation
(Official and Independent Studies)

CommissionerÂ’s Report on Pathetic Rehab Conditions to the SC, 2007

Report of theNational Minorities Commission, 2006

Parallel Report Submitted to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,April 2008

Inadequate Compensation
(Official and Independent Studies)

XXIV. International Condemnation

ModiDisallowed from Visiting EU Countries

Modi US VisaDenied

Modi Visit toOman Called Off

IndictingReports by Human Rights Watch

2003 : Report
on International Religious Freedom

2004 : Report
on International Religious Freedom

2009 : Report
on International Religious Freedom

2007 :
“India: Five years on – the bitter and uphill struggle for Justice in
Gujarat” Report by Amnesty

NationÂ’s Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against

Women (CEDAW)

XXV. How the Gujarat Government Broke the

of the Constitution of India

Violation of
the Principles of International Law

Convention onthe Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Declaration on the Rightsof Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and LinguisticMinorities

The Universal Declaration
of Human Rights

on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Covenant onEconomic, Social and Cultural Rights

XXVI. The Struggle for Justice

A Time Line
A Narrative
Pressure on Investigating Agencies
SITÂ’s Failure of the Supreme Court Mandate
Report on 2,000 Cases Reopened
Have the Guilty Been Punished ?
Will Justice Be Delivered ?

After the Carnage 
A Spate of Extra Judicial Killings
No Action on Hate Speech or Writing
Violence Post 2002
Textbooks in Gujarat
Victims and Underprivileged
Significant Judgements
Right to Information in Gujarat
Good News
Other News from Gujarat


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