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Sex education class leads to molester’s arrest

16, Jan 2016

Jan 16 2016 : Mirror (Mumbai)

In perhaps the biggest example highlighting the importance of sex education in schools, a Mulund man was arrested after an 11-year-old student realised that she and a friend had been molested by him after attending once such class.

After her teacher’s talk on `good touch and bad touch’ during a sex education workshop in school, the girl admitted to her teacher that she had been subjected to what was being explained as a `bad touch’ by a 22-year-old man from her neighbourhood.

On being questioned further, the girl admitted that Mahesh Awhad, who worked as a security guard near her house, would visit her often on the pretext of asking for sugar and similar things, while both her parents were away. The girl narrated the terrifying tale of how he would make her take off her underwear and sit on his lap to fondle her, during those visits. She also said that her friend had suffered the same fate in the hands of Awhad.

“She did not even know that she had been sexually abused. Many such cases go undetected due to lack of awareness,“ said inspector D Shelke of Mulund police.


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