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Sardarpura Case- Brief, Backgrounders, Articles & Tables

08, May 2017

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Brief –
Sardarpura Massacre

on Sardarpura Incident        |
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How Mehsana
District was racked by Violence during the Post Godhra Genocide 

Tablefiled by Amicus Curaie Harish N. Salve in October  2004 inSupreme Court of India

(October 25, 2004)

FIR filed in Sardarpura Case


Full arguments



Gujarati |
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bail applications and bail orders

SIT failure to look at Tehelka evidence plus Tehelka on DilipTrivedi

Media Reports

Sardarpura verdict: Why the conspiracy theory fell

(The Indian
Express, November 11, 2011)

Day after the verdict: ‘We don’t go there, the ghosts won’t allow

(The Indian
Express, November 11, 2011)


Sardarpura on edge after riot conviction

(Mail Today, November 11, 2011)

riots case: 31 get life for torching 33 including 11 children

Indian Express, November 10, 2011)

Sardarpura massacre: Zakia expresses pity for convicted

Times of India, November 10, 2011)

31 Indians Convicted in Violence That Killed Muslims in 2002

York Times, November 10, 2011)

Indian court finds 31 Hindus guilty of killing dozens of Muslims
in 2002 riots

Post, November 10, 2011)

First whiff of justice for Gujarat riot victims

Hindu, November 9, 2011)


Path to justice

(The Indian Express, November
11, 2011)

A Good Judgment
Times of India, November 11, 2011)

A milestone verdict
Hindu, November 11, 2011)

No Room for Mob Violence

(The Hindustan Times, November
11, 2011)


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