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RSS Chiefs Used to Relish Chicken, Mutton Dishes

22, Jul 2015

Mumbai :DOUBLE STANDARDS? Organiser Calls IIT-Roorkee Anti-Hindu for Serving Non-vegetarian food
An ar ticle in the `Organiser’ that termed IIT Roorkee as “anti Hindu“ for serving non-vegetarian food in its canteen has embarrassed the RSS, especially since it has exposed the double standards within those ideologically associated with the Sangh. Many leaders of the Sangh are known to relish meat dishes.
“Till he became RSS Sarsanghachalak in 2009, Mohan Bhagwat used to enjoy non-vegetarian food. I have also seen Balasaheb Deoras having chicken and mutton openly till he became RSS chief. Most RSS pracharaks consume non-veg food. There is nothing anti-Hindu about it,“ said Dilip Deodhar, a known RSS researcher and the author of 42 books on the organisation.


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