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RSS affiliate bats for Sanskrit, mother tongue in schools

09, Jul 2015

New Delhi, July 8, 2015, DHNS:
Students should be taught Sanskrit or a classical language like Latin or Persian with the choice to study without learning English or Hindi after class 8, RSS-affiliate Bharatiya Sikshan Mandal (BSM) has said.
In the “integrated and holistic education policy” it released here on Wednesday, BSM also wanted compulsory teaching in mother tongue and national languages like Sanskrit, Hindi and English as second language until class 8.
“This is essential from the socio-cultural perspective,” the policy said. “However, mother tongue, Sanskrit or a classical language will be mandatory for students (of class 9-12).” Calling for mandatory daily prayers in all schools, BSM also wanted the working days to be increased by 20 days to include “extra classes” for moral education. IT also said the current 210 working days as “inadequate”.


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