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Re-christen all roads, monuments named after Mughal emperors: VHP

22, Sep 2015

New Delhi, Sep 21, 2015 (PTI)
VHP today demanded that all roads and monuments named after Mughal emperors be re-christened, claiming that the country should not drag on with “signs of slavery”.
VHP’s international secretary general Champat Rai backed the demand made by a Delhi BJP leader for renaming Shahjahan Road, while asking Muslims to show no affection towards Mughal emperors.
“Any proud community won’t drag on with signs of slavery. What has been Aurangzeb, Babur, Humayun, Akbar or Shahjahan’s contribution to this country? They have conducted atrocities and made people here their slaves,” Rai said.
He said it will be good if these names are changed in a harmonious manner. “More the delay, lesser harmonious it will be. Names, however, will be changed for sure… Changing the name is quite necessary,” Rai told PTI, suggesting that the names of Mughal emperors be removed like those of Britishers.


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