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Ranveer Sena killed 144 Dalits: Cobrapost

19, Aug 2015

NEW DELHI: Investigative web portal Cobrapost on Tuesday claimed that it has confession on camera of operatives of Ranveer Sena claiming to have been involved in mass murders in Bihar between 1994 and 2000. As many as 144 dalits were killed in these massacres including several women and children.
The Cobrapost on Tuesday claimed that its jour nalist K Ashish got the confessions of Ranveer Sena members Chandkeshwar ali as Chandreshwar, Pramod Singh, Bhola Singh, Arvind Kumar Singh, Siddhnath Singh and Ravindra Chaudhry claiming that he was making a movie on the Sena, a disbanded armed group of upper castes in Bihar.
Except Chaudhary, all others were accused in mass murders. “These mass murderers not only reveal how they planned and carried out indiscriminate killings on such scale with precision and ruthlessness of a war machine but also candidly admit who trained them, who armed them, who financed them and who lent them political support, naming some big-time politicians,” Cobrapost said in a statement on Wednesday.


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