Police accused of killing innocent tribal farmer in Dantewada

10, Oct 2015

Pavan Dahat
RAIPUR, October 10, 2015
Body forcibly cremated to destroy evidence, says Soni Sori
Tribal activist and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Soni Sori has accused the Dantewada district police of killing a tribal farmer in Dantewada, calling him a Maoist, and burning his body to destroy evidence.
Bhima Madavi, the farmer from Nilavay village under the Aranpur police station of Dantewada, was found dead on the evening of October 6. The body bore bullet injuries. “It was someone from the police who shot Bhima Madavi. Hundreds of policemen were present in the area when the incident took place. The villagers of Nilavay are also making the same claim,” Ms. Sori told The Hindu.
The Dantewada police, she said, tried to destroy evidence by “forcibly burning” the body. “When I got to know of the incident, I told the villagers to preserve the body and that I would take them to the Aranpur station to file a complaint. We also wanted a post-mortem done; but before I could reach the village on Thursday, hundreds of policemen reached there and forcibly cremated the body,” she said.


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