Order dated for engaging manpower at Burari Hospital Issued by Department of Health And Family Welfare, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi on April 20, 2021

20, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

As the number of Covid-19 cases continued to grow in Delhi, manpower at various hospitals was stretched thin. The Delhi Government saw the need for immediate deputation of trained medical staff at Burari Hospital, and therefore directed all the MSs/MDs/Directors of either Non-Covid Hospitals or Medical Institutions under the said department of the Government to cater:

  1.   2 Junior Residents from each Non-COVID Hospital
  2. 2 Senior Residents of Medicine Speciality and 3 Senior Residents of Anaesthesia Speciality from each DDHU, BSA, SHMH and LN Hospital.

The pandemic has exposed how overstretched and vulnerable our healthcare infrastructure is and how more converted efforts are required to ensure a steady stream of trained medical, paramedical and nursing professionals. The healthcare apparatus needs to be strengthened not only in established cities and villages, but also urban agglomerations as cities spill over their older boundaries and absorb more semi-urban and even rural areas into their fold. These areas are particularly underserved by the healthcare apparatus in the country.


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