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31, Oct 2015

‘Nanga naach’ tag on protest
Our Special Correspondent
New Delhi, Oct. 30: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh today compared to a “naked dance” the protest by writers, historians and filmmakers who have returned their awards to condemn the growing intolerance in the country.
Government and BJP leaders have so far attacked the protest as a “manufactured rebellion” by a politically motivated “anti-BJP” brigade but Sangh joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale has raised the stridency up a notch.
“The historians, filmmakers and litterateurs have deliberately stoked a debate on tolerance versus intolerance. There is no atmosphere of intolerance in the country. This is a nanga naach (naked dance),” Hosabale was quoted as saying in Hindi in comments posted on BJP general secretary Ram Madhav’s Twitter page, @rammadhavbjp.
“When Hindus were slaughtered in Kashmir, when kar sevaks were burnt alive in Godhra, where was their concern for tolerance?” Hosabale added.
“This gang of award winners has not signed a contract to maintain tolerance. When something is amiss somewhere, we (in the Sangh) are not behind anyone in condemning a wrongdoing.”
Hosabale alleged that those returning awards had stopped listening to the views of the people for the past nearly two years because their “dukandari” (business) had shut down. “Therefore, they are frustrated.”


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