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Muslims come out on Eid to help drought-affected people

23, Sep 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015
By A Staff Reporter
Coinciding with the festivities of Bakri-Eid, the Muslim community on Wednesday came out to support the drought-affected people of Marathwada region of Maharashtra. Clergymen and intellectuals from the community too have joined NGOs and volunteers to help the scarcity-hit people.
The Social Education and Welfare Association (SEWA) has taken the initiative to support the farmers who are in need of support and protection and held a preparatory workshop in Mumbai’s Islam Gymkhana, which was chaired by Hazrat Maulana Moin Miyan Saheb, chief of Jamia Qadariya Ashrafiya.
“Maharashtra has been facing the worst drought of its time. In the last five decades the state never came across such grave water scarcity. Farmers are forced to leave their villages and migrate to cities or commit suicide. Beed district is one of the worst affected in the state. The situation is extremely critical. Due to acute water shortage maintaining cattle has become a daunting issue for the locals. Managing meal for the children has also become an issue. Along with tackling current drought issue steps also have to be taken to avoid such situations in future. In such a grim scenario, SEWA has come ahead to help and support the reeling peasants,” said a community leader.


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