Muslim youth rescues cow

04, Oct 2015

Sanjay Pandey Lucknow, Oct 04, 2015, DHNS
Amid the politicking over the murder of a man at Dadri following rumours that his family was eating beef, a Muslim youth in the state capital rescued a cow from a deep well.
According to an eyewitness account, the cow accidentally slipped into the well, situated in Aishbagh area, on Saturday morning. The animal made desperate efforts to remain afloat and though a large crowd gathered near the well, but no one was willing to enter the well, sources said.
A Muslim youth, Mohammed Rafi, who lives in a nearby locality, offered to rescue the animal. A rope was arranged by the locals and the after tying himself with it, he entered the well with another rope to tie the cow. After an hour, the cow was successfully rescued. But, Rafi sustained injuries during the rescue effort as he was hit repeatedly by the cow. “The cow hit me several times… After making several attempts, I succeeded in tying it with the rope… But, I’m happy that I managed to save its life,” the 30-year-old man said.


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