Muslim woman collects Rs 2 from villagers, rebuilds a ruined temple

14, Oct 2015

Oct 14, 2015, Agencies:
Three years ago, a Muslim woman named Sughra Bi discovered a temple near her house in Indra Colony of Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district.
The temple was in ruins and no one was aware of it. Sughra Bi decided to rebuild it and today, the temple has become a source of inter-religious harmony, reports NDTV
“After I found the temple in ruins, I decided to rebuild it. The villagers came together and everyone contributed Rs. 2 each,” she said.
“Durga Maa is considered as the mother of the world. That is why I decided to rebuild this temple,” she added.
The temple committee includes both Hindu and Muslim members and the veneration at the temple is attended by people belonging to both the religions. The villagers are planning a big Navratri celebration this year.


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