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08, May 2017




Gulberg Society, Ahmedabad                        
February 27, 2012                        onwards


February 27/28
marks ten years since the tragic death of 59 persons in a fire in a
coach of the Sabarmati Express near Godhra railway station and the
criminal manipulation of this tragic incident as a pretext for the
Modi government-sponsored anti-Muslim genocide throughout the state.


On February 27,
thousands of survivors of the mass crime together with lawyers,
jurists, activists, artists, artistes and intellectuals from all
over the country will assemble at Gulberg Society, Ahmedabad, for a
commemoration. Through words and images, reminiscences and video
clips, photographs and digital installations, a wailing wall in
memory of missing persons, acknowledgements to those who risked
their lives to save others and to those who joined the struggle for
justice, with music and tears, the crimes against humanity committed
ten years ago will be recalled and the plight of the traumatised and
the displaced highlighted. Survivors from Gulberg Society will lead
the assembled people through the housing colony and recount the
horrors of February 28, 2002. A collective resolve will be renewed
to continue the struggle for justice for the survivors and
punishment to the perpetrators and masterminds of the carnage.
Saviours, those who swam against the tide of hatred to give succour
and save lives will be especially remembered… their conversations
relayed live.


A unique concert,
Music in Memoriam, will be the finale of the live memorial,
performed by  Shubha Mudgal (vocal), Aneesh Pradhan (tabla)
and Sudhir Nayak (harmonium).

The entire programme at Gulberg Society, symbolising the holocaust
in Gujarat, will be webcast live and posted on YouTube subsequently
so that we remember and never forget. The URL for the webcast will
be available on and from February
27. Secular and minority rights activists and groups in
Ayodhya-Faizabad, Aligarh, Malegaon, Lucknow, Madurai, Calicut,
Mumbai and Delhi will also be having commemorations at around the
same time. All these will be available for permanent viewing


We are grateful to
the Citizens for Justice and Peace teams in Ahmedabad and Mumbai,
the Sabrang team in Mumbai and SAHMAT, New Delhi, for their
unstinting efforts and unwavering commitment to this endeavour.


Binita Desai,
Designer and Photography

Shiv Visvanathan,
Social Science Nomad

Tridip Suhrud,
Social Scientist

Academic and Freelancer-at-Large

Chinar Shah,

Fr Cedric
Prakash sj
Director, “PRASHANT”, Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace

Kanishk Prasad,
Architect and Photographer

Ram Rahman,

Rajendra Prasad,

Swaroop Dhruv,

Suresh Bhosale,

Usman Ali,

Javed Anand,
Co-editor, Communalism Combat

Teesta Setalvad,
Co-editor, Communalism Combat, Secretary, Citizens for
Justice and Peace

Sayra Sandhi,
Rupa Mody, Tanvir Jaffri, Imtiyaz Khan Pathan,
Survivors of the Gujarat Genocide











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