Meet the Hindu who lets Muslims use his shop as a mosque, for free

17, Oct 2015

October 16, 2015 18:12 IST
‘Kalesaab could have easily earned Rs 1 lakh per month as rent from this place but he gave it to Muslims for free. Secularism in India is alive only because of people like him.’
Bajrang Bali housing society is a rather unusual name for a building that houses a mosque but in a part of Dharavi, known the world over as Asia’s largest slum, that’s where for the last six months the Muslim community has found a temporary prayer area.
All thanks to Deepak Kale, a leather shop owner who owns the property.
When Muslims of Mukund nagar in Dharavi, Sion, in Central Mumbai, were wondering where to hold prayers after their mosque underwent repairs, they turned to Kale.
Kale not only agreed to give them his 2,500 square feet shop on the ground floor of Bajrang Bali housing society for prayers, but also decided to not take any rent from them till the time their mosque is rebuilt.


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