Lives shattered by NRC, CJP reaches out and intervenes Who is An Indian in Assam

30, Oct 2019 | CJP Team

Indian Citizens in Assam are shattered by the NRC process. In spite of having valid documents, Gopal Das and his entire family were excluded from the NRC. Anima Dey lost her son Subrata Dey mysteriously in a detention camp. After that, her family has been living hand to mouth by selling cloth bags. Her teenaged grandson Biki Dey had to dropout of school. Hasan Ali attempted suicide after being excluded from NRC.

Zamser Ali, CJP state coordinator, Assam, got in touch with them and their families and provided every kind of assistance. Gopal Das and his family were included in the final NRC. Biki Dey joined school. Hasan Ali was counselled by the CJP team and his name was included in the final NRC, as well.

In this video, listen to what these people have to say about the NRC and CJP’s intervention. There are more Indian citizens who need our help. Help us help Assam.


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