Kalicharan Maharaj allowed to deliver hate speech in Baramati ( Sabrang ) hindutvawatch

17, Feb 2023

Despite complaints to the state, district, and local police chiefs, no preventive measures were taken to prevent the event from happening.

On February 9, at Baramati, in rural Pune, Hindu Jangarjana Morcha organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj was successfully held where hate offender Kalicharan Maharaj freely delivered his hate speech rife with blatant lies and hysteria. This, despite urgent appeals being made by Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) to the DGP, Maharashtra as well as SP of  Rural Pune and Deputy SP of Baramati. A memo was also sent to Baramati MP, Supriya Sule to urge the police to take strict action in this regard. Yet, hate speeches were unabashedly made at this event, in broad daylight, perpetrating hatred and lies to a large audience.

The Samaj’s proposed meet scheduled for February 5 was challenged before the Supreme Court and on February 3, the court had issued strict directions to the police to take preventive action if the need arises.

At the event, Kalicharan said that Muslims want to convert everyone to Islam because those who are not Muslims are kaafirs and it is written in the Quran that you should kill a Kaafir. “I am kaafir which means I am eligible to be killed (by them),” he said. He said, “wives of kaafirs are stolen property and one woman being raped by 50 men is not a big deal.” He again repeated the same speech that he had made in Nandurbar about women raped in Kashmir and told his audience to watch the movie “Kashmir Files”.

He claimed that what is shown in the movie is not even 1% of what happened in Kashmir. “Until Muslims are few in number, there is bhaichara (brotherhood). Once they increase in numbers they will kill these brothers. This is  what happened in Kashmir. They want to establish Gazwa-e-hind and they have succeeded halfway because they made Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan into Muslim countries and killed all the Hindus there. At the time of independence, Dalit leader Jogendranath Mandal was told  by Dr BR Ambedkar that just because you hate Savarnas do not trust Muslims and go to Pakistan. But he did not listen and  went to Pakistan where he was made the Law Minister and in the next 5-6 years all Hindus were killed”.

This story was originally published in sabrangindia.in . Read the full story here

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