CJP ने गुजरात दंगों के विक्टिम्स के लिए सामने से सत्ता का प्रवाह झेला है : जिग्नेश मेवानी Jignesh Mevani extends support for CJP on its relaunch on Constitution Day

18, Dec 2017

This video was originally published on Nov 26 on the occasion of CJP’s website relaunch. It is being republished today on the occasion of Jignesh Mevani’s significant victory in the Gujarat Elections.

“As a nation, we have never been in deeper trouble than what we are experiencing right now. There is a deep seated assault on constitutional values and spirit. Fascist forces have attacked the constitutional values in such a manner that is threatening the very way a democracy should function. One can compare this situation with that of Gujarat and imagine the difficulties Citizens for Justice and Peace faced in fighting for the justice of victims of Gujarat riots 2002. CJP and Teest Setalvad worked for the rehabilitation of the victims of the riots, brought forward the conspiracy of the state and exposed the complicity of Narendra Modi. They have fought a valiant for the justice and rights of the victims of Gujarat riots and minorities and dispossessed from various sections. I wish CJP continues this outstanding fight.”

Jignesh Mevani



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