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Jain saint threatens santhara if meat export not banned

01, Jan 2016

Jan 01 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
A Jain muni on Thursday threatened `santhara’ (a fast unto death) if there was no ban on meat exports from the country. In a letter to district magistrate Pankaj Yadav, the muni, Maitri Prabh Sagar, informed him of the decision. “I have been continuously protesting against the policy of meat export,“ Sagar said. “Till now, I’ve got nothing but false assurances against slaughter houses running in the country . Now I have no other option but to opt for santhara as I am being fooled by the district administration as well as the government into believing that such exports wold be banned.“ Sager also sought permission to protest from January 9.


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