Ineffective Relief and Rehabilitation (Official and Independent Studies)

12, Mar 2002

The Government of Gujarat’s partisan approach towards the victims of the communal violence was reflected in the declaration of two distinct and discriminatory compensation packages for the families of victims who had died in the Godhra fire and those who had been massacred thereafter. Under the Gujarat government’s original plan, the families of victims of the Godhra train fire were to receive Rs. two lakh each, while the families of those who had died in the post-Godhra violence would receive Rs. one lakh – half the amount. Sustained protests and numerous efforts by civil society organisations and CJP finally corrected this patent discrimination.

The Gujarat government’s indifference to the plight of the internally displaced persons in relief and rehabilitation efforts in the aftermath of the communal riots has received criticism from a number of national and international NGOs, social activists, civil society organisations and the NHRC.  

New Delhi, Mar 12, 2002 (PTI): Gujarat Govt indifferent to riot-affected people: NHRC

In a severe criticism of the Gujarat Government on relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the post-Godhra riots, the NHRC has said the state has been “indifferent” in tackling the issue and the compensation paid to the people displaced by the riots was “grossly inadequate.” The Commission, in its annual report for 2003-04 tabled recently in Parliament, states that it has continued to be concerned about the relief, rehabilitation and resettlement of the victims of the communal violence in Gujarat.

The NHRC said it had proposed several measures for relief and rehabilitation of riot victims but the experience of the Commission has been that the state Government has been less than forthcoming or cooperative in responding to the recommendations, including the setting up of a Grievance Redressal Authority (GRA).


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