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Hindu group observes Republic Day as ‘black day’

26, Jan 2016

Mohammad Ali
Meerut, January 26, 2016
Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha demands that India to be declared a “Hindu state.”
Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha observed January 26, Republic Day, as “black day” and took oath to make India a “Hindu Rashtra.”
Over hundreds of activists of the Hindutva group waved black flags on the streets of Meerut on Tuesday.
Pandit Ashok Sharma, national Vice President of the Hindutva body, has been organising a protest against the Constitution of India since last five decades quite religiously. Tuesday, when entire country celebrated Republic Day, was no different for him.
Mr. Sharma, who was quite categorical in declaring that he didn’t believe in Constitution of India, told The Hindu: “The purpose of my life and that of millions of people like me who are present in this country, is to make this country a Hindu Rashtra. Nobody can stop this country from becoming a Hindu Rashtra”.
“This is the 51st year I, as an obedient solider of Hindu Mahasabha, have shown black flag to the idea of secular India and the Constitution which declares this nation to be secular,” Mr. Sharma, a man in his late seventies who sports white beard told this correspondent.


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