Hamid Ansari spoke like a communal Muslim leader: RSS mouthpiece

16, Sep 2015

New Delhi, Sept 15, 2015, (PTI)
In a critique of Vice President Hamid Ansari’s recent speech on the need for “affirmative action” for Muslim empowerment, an article in RSS mouthpiece ‘Panchjanya’ has accused him of speaking like a “communal Muslim leader”.
It said instead of projecting Muslims as victims of discrimination, Ansari should “tell them the truth about how Muslim radicalism is preventing them from integrating with the society”.
The article attacks Vice President’s take that Muslims in India face the challenges of identity, security, education and empowerment.
“There was much dejection in the much-talked speech by Hamid Ansari at All-India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, as it comes across as one made by a communal Muslim leader. The Vice President is expected not to talk preferentially of one community but to speak of benefits for all. But these elements are missing from his speech,” the article says.
The piece goes on to cite radical Muslim outfits like ISIS, Taliban and Boko Haram to say Islam and modernity are “poles apart”.


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