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08, May 2017

February 26, 2009


Survivors Memorial to the Victims
of the
Gujarat Carnage of 2002


Victim survivors of the Gujarat carnage
of 2002 will pay homage to the lives of lost ones on February 27 and
28, 2009 in a traveling memorial beginning February 27, 2009 at
Godhra railway station.

Beginning with silent prayers and the lighting of candles at the
Godhra railway station, the survivors in mourning will pay homage
also to the victims of the Pandharwada, Kidiad, Eral, Anjanwa,
Randhikpur and Odh massacres. On February 28, 2009 the memorial will
also pay their respects at Sardarpur and Visnagar before offering
prayers at Naroda gaon and Patiya and Gulberg Society, Meghaninagar,

The traveling memorial will bring the victim survivors of all the
massacres as also witnesses to the trauma, who await justice from
the courts, together in remembrance. Hindu victims of the Godhra
train burning and also the survivors from Gulberg, Naroda,
Pandharwada, Kidiad and Odh will be part of the memorial.


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