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28, Dec 2005

December 28, 2005

PI Puwar from the Lunwada Police station, goes to the house of Gulam Kharadi and shouts threatening abuse at him. Jebunissa Gulam Kharadi, wife files a complaint at the Lunawada police station against the police.

December 28, 2005

Ameenabehn Habib Rasool, a victim survivor who lost her son in the bloody massacre along with CJP filed a petition (Special Criminal Appln 1875/2005) praying for the transfer of the entire investigation to the CBI.

In the affidavit annexed to the petition dated December 29, 2005, Ameenabehn Habib Rasool who saw her 24 year old son been slaughtered in front of her eyes, states that she was shocked to hear DGP Bhargava of the Gujarat Police when confronted with the mass graves, immediately speaking of initiating action against victim survivors instead of showing concern and remorse over the appalling developments. Similarly Collector Dhirendra Brahmbutt went on to say that ‘the anguished search of relatives for the remains of their lost ones was an illegal act.” There were several contradictions too in the stance of the administration. While on December 27, 2007 DGP Bhargava told the media that the bodies could relate to the Pandharwada massacre, on February 28, 2005 he contradicted himself and said that they could even belong to an incident that took place prior to February 28, 2002. On the same day, in contrast the Collector and SP of the district JK Bhatt were categorical that they belonged to the Pandharwada massacre alone.

The petition that expressed strong disenchantment and loss of faith in the Gujarat police also pointed out that Lunawada town where all the survivors of the Pandarwada massacre are rehabilitated has  four  major grave yards one  belonging to The Ghanchi Jamaat, two to  The Sunni Muslim Jamaat, and one more to Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat.  This is a huge burial area altogether totaling around 250 acre where  major portion of the area is vacant  and is being used for cultivation. Why were not these bodies  given a dignified burial in this large area instead of  being surreptitiously  outside the town ?


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