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Gujarat Government Rewarding Illegal Acts of Subservient Policemen and Bureaucrats

07, Jun 2017

Rewarding Illegal Acts

Subservient Policemen and Bureaucrats

In August 2004, Rahul Sharma submitted a critical piece of evidence, a CD containing the cellphone call records of BJP leaders and senior police officials, to the Nanavati-Shah Commission. This has not been probed by the State Government at all. Investigations have been conducted solely by citizens rights groups, to some extent by the Jansangharsh Manch and then in far greater probilty and detail by the Citizens for Justice and Peace

In the two years prior to 2004 the investigating officers in these cases simply did not probe into the contents of this CD, which clearly suggests that they had received clear-cut instructions not to investigate the role of ministers, MLAs and leaders of the VHP and Bajrang Dal in the violence.

It was only in 2008-2009, after the Supreme Court began a rigorous monitoring of the cases, that some powerful accused were included in the charge-sheet. Significant among there are VHP Gujarat Secretary Dr Jaideep Patel and then Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Dr Maya Kodnani, both Doctors by profession.

Continuing Subversion by the Government of Gujarat

Despite recommendations by the CBI, which investigated the Bilkees Bano case, the state’s home department under Narendra Modi did not initiate departmental action against Jadeja, the then SP of Dahod district, for gross misconduct and destruction of evidence in this case. Aided by state-appointed doctors, the police officer had worked hard to destroy evidence of the murder of Bilkees’s daughter, Saleha, and sought to bury her body without proper investigations.

Police Control Room Records, Station Diary Entries and Other Vital Documents are sid to be “destroyed” by the State of Gujarat even while the Supreme Court was monitoring the cases. Even former parliamentarian Ahsan Jafri’s phone records have been “destroyed.”

What does the government of Gujarat have to hide?

Locations of the Powerful on the Day of the Massacre


  1. Between 1000 hours and 1500 hours on 28.2.2002
  1. I) CP PC Pande is shown in the Shahibaug Kedar Towers

Area from where he could have visited Gulberg Society

  1. II) DCP Gondia despite several emergency calls is out of his Zone of Responsibility

III) Accused MLA Maya Kodnani is in the Naroda area at 9.36 a.m.  and then again right from 12 noon to 1648 hours

  1.              IV) Accused Jaideep Patel is also in the Naroda area from

10.11 am to 11.18 a.m. after which he dashed to the  Vishal Diamond Factory area where it is believed that a high level meeting took place

  1. V) Accused Babu Bajrangi is also in the Naroda area from 9.36 a.m. to 14.34 p.m.
  2. VI) Between 13.54 -14.54 p.m. both Addl CP Shivanand Jha and Amit Shah are in the location of Bhavan’s College, Shahpur and Paradise, Nr Mirzapur Circle

VII) Only one Phone Number of the CMO shows Calls during his critical period (Massacre Time)—OP Singh at 1.03 p.m. located in or around Sakkar II, Opp Town Hall. Were all CMO numbers that were Traceable Through the Whole Day Switched off at this Critical Time?



  1. Between 1500 hours and 17.30 hours on 28.2.2002
  1. I) From 3.55 p.m. to 5.10 p.m. DGP Chakravarti is located in or around Shahibaug Kedar Towers (near the Shahibaug Control Room or the Circuit House Annexe where a Top Level Meeting took place).
  2. II) PK Mishra PS to the CM is also located here between 4.19 p.m. and 5.27 p.m.

III) Anil Mukhim Additional Principal Secretary to the CM is also located here between 4.09 and 4.59 p.m.

  1. IV) Tanmay Mehta, PA to the CM is also located here between 15.50 and 17.45 p.m. (This area could also cover Gulberg/Naroda)
  2. V) JM Thakkar also from the CMO is in this area between 5.25 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.
  3. VI) Maya Kodnani is also here between 4.14-4.44 p.m. and before that she is at Kailash Complex Naroda (3.16 p.m.-4.05 p.m.

VII) Between 3.41 p.m. and 5.36 p.m Babu Bajrangi‘s call records also show him to be located in or around Kailash Complex Naroda.

VIII) OP Singh Pa to the CM is also here at Shahibaug at 4.05 p.m.

  1. IX) Sanjay Bhavsar, OSD to the CM is also in the same area, Shahibaug Kedar Towers between 4.10 p.m.-5.28 p.m.
  2. X) From 15.50 p.m. to 17.16 AP Patel, PA to the CM is also in this area.
  3. XI) From 4.16-5.23 a.m. Ashok Bhatt then health Minister is also in this area (could be in the Control Room or Annexe).

XII) From 3.56 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. IK Jadeja Minister is also shown to be here.

XIII) From 3.55 to 4.06 p.m. Ashok Narayan, ACS Home is also shown to be in this area.


  1. Between 1730 hours and 1930 hours on 28.2.2002
  1. I) FROM 7.24 P.M. onwards Harsh Brahmbutt part of the CMO is located at Kailash Complex Naroda and Shayona Plaza

Meghaninagar (Tehelka’s Operation Kalank had caught  Suresh Langda Chara an accused on camera stating that the Chief Minister had visited the Naroda area around this time and garlanded the men who had committed the rapes and killings

  1. II) From 17.31 to 17.22 hours Babu Bajrangi is within the  Kailash Complex area

III) OP Singh PA to the CM is also here at 17.37 hours and AP Patel PA to the CM is also here around 17.35 p.m.

  1.               IV) Amit Shah is also in the vicinity of Shahibaug Kedar

Towers at 19.27 p.m. and Health Minister Ashok Bhatt and BJP State President Rajendra Singh Rana too



  1. Between 1930 hours and 2300 hours on 28.2.2002
  1. I) Tanmay Mehta PA to the CM is n and around the Premier House near Thaltej and then around the Sambhav Building at Vastrapur
  2. II) Maya Kodnani is in and aound Shahibaug, Paradise, Near Mirzapur and in and around Capri Hotel, Laldarwaza.

III) Accused Jaideep Patel is between the area of Vishal Diamond, Bapunagar and Kailash Complex Naroda

  1. IV) Accused Babu Bajrangi is between Kailash Complex, Naroda and Rajkamal Complex, Thakkarnagar
  2. V) Harsh Brahmbutt, CMO is between Revji bhai Towersambaug and Vijay Complex Ghodasar


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