From Punjab to Lakshadweep: Heart-warming stories of everyday unity and harmony Diverse communities across India unite for harmony: Interfaith events from West Bengal to Punjab, Lakshadweep to Tamil Nadu

15, Mar 2024 | CJP Team


A striking example of people making efforts to perpetuate communal harmony comes from Punjab where the Shahi Imam of Punjab, Usman Ludhianvi, participated in the foundation stone-laying ceremony for the expansion process of a gurudwara. The gurudwara is dedicated to the Ravidas community as per a report in the Indian Express. The foundation stone ceremony took place in Kherabad village of Hoshiarpur district and saw members from different religious communities come together to participate in the ceremony.  

 The Shahi Imam stated, as per the report, “There is a gurdwara for Ravidas community already in the village and a new prayer hall is to be added. The gurdwara management committee thus invited me, preachers from Ravidas community, Nihang Singhs and even district health officer of Hoshiarpur for this foundation laying ceremony. So all of us laid the foundation stone one by one thus spreading the message of peace, communal harmony and brotherhood.”

Amidst the systematic hate leading to growing anger and despair, it is important to showcase a lived reality of camaraderie, equality and sharing which is the bedrock of the Indian Constitution and secularism. That way we not only hold on to every thread of hope, but effectively project these narratives, lest we lose our will to fight the good fight. As part of our #EverydayHarmony series, CJP brings you instances where Indians share and care, every single day… our food, our businesses, our homes and our friendships. This instances show how we Indians continue to reject hateful and divisive agendas even while street violence and social media are used as part of a sinister, hate-filled political agenda to tell us otherwise. Let’s reinforce India’s everyday lived reality, and through that collectively and aggressively, uphold and defend a unique pluralism, a diverse culture and truly secular values. Donate now to help us combat hate and prejudice!

West Bengal

Image by Kibria Ansary for the Observer Post

After a Hindu man, Shyamapada Mondal, died, the Muslim residents of the village located in the Kothirampur area of West Bengal’s Mushidabad, came together to cremate the body of an elderly man. The man had passed away from a heart attack one morning. After his demise, his Muslim neighbours pitched in to help the family with the cremation process, according to The Observer Post. 

Faced with the challenge of arranging a proper cremation amidst financial constraints and without relatives in the vicinity, the Muslim’s residents’ support to Mondal’s family was reportedly a source of comfort. To take charge of the funeral arrangements, rallying together to collect donations for the purpose. They organised the cremation ceremony, gathered funds and ensured the process was conducted with dignity and respect. Some of the names of those who made this happen were Aram Khan, Anirul Sheikh, Sakir Ali, and Kalam Sheikh, among several others. They tirelessly gathered contributions, and even made a makeshift funeral plank from bamboo to carry the Mondal’s body to the cremation ground.

Rebati Mondal, Mondal’s daughter, even expressed her thanks for the selfless support received from the Muslim community during their time of need. According to the report, she said, “I was worried about the cost of cremation. In this situation, the Muslims of the village came forward, taking care of all the responsibilities. Aram, Sakir, and Anirul went from house to house in the area, collecting donations. The Muslims in the village always support us and stand beside us. They come forward in times of danger. Without them, my father’s funeral would not have been complete today.”

Moreover, the Muslim community has also taken up the responsibilities to organise the upcoming Shradh ceremony for the family.


A heart-warming display of communal unity was made at the Hindu temple in Kavaratti, which is the capital of Lakshadweep. The temple serves as the only Hindu place of worship in the island. This year the temple was adorned with a beautifully crafted idol of Lord Vinayaka sculpted by a Muslim ex-serviceman, PR Cheriya Koya, according to a report in the Deccan Herald

The temple priest expressed his gratitude for Koya’s contribution and said that the statue of Ganesh was very special. 

Koya is a former art teacher and military veteran. He received a certificate in response to his donating the statue to the temple at Kavaratti by local authorities. However, as per the report, this isn’t the first instance of Koya making art to promote interfaith communal harmony. Previously too he crafted a statue of Lord Hanuman for a temple in his hometown of Androth. 

Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu

Similarly, Tamil Nadu too witnessed a heartening display of communal harmony during the inauguration of Masjid e Elahi-Masjid in the Sivagangai district of the state. The inauguration saw a gathering of people from all religious communities in the area. The event was a vibrant colourful event which saw widespread participation and offered refreshments like cold brinks and biryani. There were welcoming banners adorning the main streets and bus stand, that invited people of all faiths to come join on the auspicious occasion, as per a report by the BBC Hindi.

Representation Image: REUTERS/Jayanta ShawJS/JD


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