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This ‘suspected foreigner’ has a Chandrashekhar Azad Link CJP continues to provide support to the large number of people affected by the NRC

14, Mar 2020 | CJP Team

70 year-old Sejebala Ghosh has been served foreigners’ notice by the Foreigners’ Tribunal of Bongaigaon, Assam. Her father Lt. Digendra Chandra Ghosh, was a freedom fighter who corresponded with Chandra Sekhar Azad during the Indian independence movement. Her mother donated a huge sum to Indian National Security Fund after selling her property.

But now, the widowed Sejebala is forced to prove her citizenship before the Foreigners’ Tribunal on 21st March. Being the sole bread earner working as a maid, she cannot afford legal defense. CJP volunteers Zamser Ali and Nandu Ghosh have taken responsibility of her legal recourse. Support us in the fight for justice in Assam.



  1. This is the time, when the nation is facing tremendous problems, mostly created by the ruling establishment. We have to unitedly fight the forces of communalism as well as corporate capitalism.

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