Farmers’ Mahapanchayat unites communities in Haryana, pledges to uphold communal harmony A farmer’s assembly in Baas village, Hisar, sends a resounding message of unity, vowing to protect social harmony and condemn divisive actions.

14, Aug 2023 | CJP Team

As reports of Khap panchayats in Haryana barring Muslims from entering villages surfaced, a strong message of harmony and peace has also emerged from Haryana.

In a powerful display of solidarity, nearly 2,000 farmers from diverse backgrounds convened at a Mahapanchayat organised by the Bhartiya Kisan Mazdoor Union in Baas village, Hisar, according to a report by The gathering was attended by members of the Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities and carried a clear message: division along caste and religious lines has no place in Haryana.

Amidst the systematic hate leading to growing anger and despair, it is important to showcase a lived reality of camaraderie, equality and sharing which is the bedrock of the Indian Constitution and secularism. That way we not only hold on to every thread of hope, but effectively project these narratives, lest we lose our will to fight the good fight. As part of our #EverydayHarmony series, CJP brings you instances where Indians share and care, every single day… our food, our businesses, our homes and our friendships. This instances show how we Indians continue to reject hateful and divisive agendas even while street violence and social media are used as part of a sinister, hate-filled political agenda to tell us otherwise. Let’s reinforce India’s everyday lived reality, and through that collectively and aggressively, uphold and defend a unique pluralism, a diverse culture and truly secular values. Donate now to help us combat hate and prejudice!

Prominent farmer leader Suresh Koth spoke at the event of the importance of unity and peace, declaring, “Here are Muslims, I dare you to touch them.” He urged all khaps, the traditional social councils, to take responsibility for safeguarding the minority residents and fostering harmony, reported

Koth’s stance echoed throughout the event, resonating with his sentiment that Haryana’s soil must remain untainted by divisions. He criticised certain panchayat leaders from Mahendergarh, Rewari, and Jhajjar districts for reportedly drafting letters that restricted the entry of Muslim traders into villages. Such actions, he stated, have no place in the spirit of coexistence and tolerance.

One of the assembly’s main objectives was a commitment by the farmers to shun any form of caste-based or communal violence. The gathering united in demanding accountability for those responsible for uploading incendiary videos on social media platforms, which provoked tensions.

In a video on Twitter, Koth reaffirmed the message of unity, “Yeh Desh Sabka tha, Yeh Desh Sabka hai, yeh Desh Sabka rahega” (This country belonged to everyone, belongs to everyone, and will continue to belong to everyone). The call resonated widely in the wake of harrowing violence in Haryana, spreading through a video that emerged on Twitter on August 9th.


The Mahapanchayat’s resolute stand serves as a powerful reminder that unity transcends boundaries and that the people of Haryana stand united against division. 


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