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Communal clash in Fatehpur on Sankranti

15, Jan 2016

Jan 15 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Communal clash in Fatehpur on Sankranti
Faiz Siddiqui
Kanpur:More than a dozen people were injured in a clash between members of two communities after a model of the proposed Ram temple in Ayodhya was carried in a procession in Qazi Tola area of Fatehpur district on Thursday .

The police used force to bring the situation under control, but could not prevent the rioting mob from vandalizing a number of shops and houses.Some policemen were also injured. The violence started after a group of people allegedly attacked a `shobha yatra’, organized on `Makar Sankranti’, displaying a model of the Ram temple. The procession started from Laluganj locality and was supposed to culminate at Ram Talai temple in Jahanabad, where VHP’s firebrand functionary Pravin Togadia was to take part in a function.

“When the procession reached Qazi Tola locality , members of the other community asked the organizers to take another route,“ the police said. “In the meantime, some people started shouting provocative slogans.Enraged members of the other community started pelting the procession with stones.


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