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#CJPWednesdays CJP’s incredible journey in 2020 A look at CJP Victories in the year 2020

30, Dec 2020 | CJP Team

This week, here’s a look at all the major achievments that CJP is humbled and proud to have achieved through this tumultuous year. From legal interventions in the supreme court to our on ground work amidst a humanitarian crisis, we have been blessed to be supported by our incredible allies and human rights activists.

With you on our side we are ready for 2021.


#CJPWednesdays We achieved so much together because of YOU

Join CJP’s fight to protect the rights of forest working people

CJP Grassroots Fellowship: Meet Ripon Sheikh who documents rural Bengal

Meet Ameer Hamza, a CJP fellow

Adivasi youth Mamta Pared is CJP’s newest grassroots fellow

CJP in Action: Hate Watch

Uncovering the despair of Purvanchal’s weavers

Hathras: Why CJP moved Supreme court?

CJP reaches out to thousands of migrant workers trapped in a food crisis

CJP against Hunger: Essentials supplied to needy families from the North East

CJP against Hunger: Rations and essentials provided to migrant workers

Migrant Diaries : A CJP special series


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