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Why has SIT not made Rahul Sharma a witness in the Gulberg Massacre case?

12, Nov 2009


12, 2009

Press Release

Why has SIT not made Rahul Sharma a
witness in the Gulberg Massacre case??

Application dated November 14, 2009

We have filed a CRUCIAL application asking for RAHUL SHARMA then DCP
Crime Branch to be made a witness in Gulberg Massacre Detailed
application made by Citizens for Justice and Peace and NGOs thru Adv.
S M Vora given to Special Public Prosecutor R K Shah to SIT

Rahul Sharma had in his deposition before Shah Nanavati Commission on
oath on October 30, 2004 stated that he was put in as part of the
Gulberg massacre and Naroda Gam and Patia by changed CP Kaushik but
when he found chargesheets inconsistent with FIRs of these incident he
had written confidential letter to CP Kaushik.

The application filed by CJP and witnesses points out that Rahul
Sharma had submitted five lakhs phone call record entries. Collected
from AT and T and Cellforce companies that are relevant to the Gulberg
investigation with witnesses testimonies of political bigwigs and
policemen being contacted by Shri Ahsan Jaffri in vain. Ironically
witnesses and Teesta Setalvad from CJP have been urging SIT to
investigate these phone records since May 08 but SIT has refused to
bring this on the records and chargesheet of the Gulberg massacre.

Strangely while SIT has made Rahul Sharma a witness in the Naroda Gam
case they have suspiciously avoided bringing crucial phone records and
their ANALYSIS in the Gulberg massacre.

According to analysis conducted by CJP and Perusal of the Naroda Gam
records its is clear that PI KG ERDA accused of murder and destruction
of evidence called MLA MAYA KODNANI accused in both Patia and Gam
massacres and was also in TELEPHONIC CONTACT with Nimesh Patel an
accused of killing eight persons in Naroda village.

This nexus between the various key and powerful accused in touch with
inspectors who failed to do their duty is critical to investigations.



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