CJP appeals to groups aiding victims of the NRC process to stand together: Assam Press Release

15, Oct 2019 | CJP Team

Not for the first time, a section of the press recently questioned attempts by law students as well as legal and civil rights groups to reach down to the grassroots and assist the victims of the NRC and citizenship related process in Assam. It didn’t matter that help was being provided to some of the most down-trodden and marginalized people in the state. Predictably, CJP was picked up for special mention, re-playing un-substantiated allegations made before by state players in Gujarat. The reportage went on to insinuate that our organization, as some others, had nefarious motives behind asking for donations to provide legal aid to those excluded from the final NRC.

Now, CJP is calling out the ulterior motives of the publications in discrediting our work in the state. CJP’s work in Assam is completely legitimate. Our efforts have helped save lives and secure justice for some of the most marginalized sections of society. The dedicated work of our 700 strong team has touched the lives of nearly 10 lakh people. Our team has even counseled people on the verge of taking their own lives out of desperation. Our process of seeking donations is completely above board. The allegations against us are baseless and motivated.

It is also curious that the disparaging reportage appeared just days after CJP held a public meeting in Mumbai where people we had helped in Assam shared their testimonies of how CJP aided them navigate a tortuous process and an apathetic bureaucracy. Perhaps, this truth bomb was too much to handle for minions of the State who run newsrooms.

The news report also appeared to pit one civil rights group against another, perhaps in a bid to cause dissensions. However, CJP expresses solidarity with each and every human rights organization and individual working on the ground to alleviate the suffering of people in Assam. We believe that the greater the number of people working to avert this humanitarian crisis, the better. We all have a role to play, and we all stand for the victims and marginalized against injustices and rights abuses by the callous bureaucratic process.

We also take this opportunity to humbly request all other groups to not fall for these divisive and rather despicable tactics employed by stooges of the regime in the media. CJP has already survived several such attempts by a section of the press to discredit its work in other parts of the country. Let us stand stronger together in our unwavering commitment to helping our fellow Indians in Assam and elsewhere.

Anil Dharker, President                                                  Teesta Setalvad, Secretary


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