Citizenship and NRC related deaths in Assam A compilation by CJP as of July 18, 2019

18, Jul 2019 | CJP Team

In Assam, nearly 60 people have lost their lives and their deaths are connected to citizenship related issues. While some have allegedly committed suicide due to frustration, anxiety and helplessness related to the National Register of Citizens (NRC), some allegedly took their own lives fearing incarceration in detention camps. There are also some people who died under rather mysterious circumstances in detention camps. The CJP team has painstakingly compiled and verified these deaths and here is the list as of July 18, 2019.




A brief analysis of the profile of those who died

A total of 58 people have died so far. These include 9 women. Those who died hailed from low income, underprivileged and marginalised backgrounds. Many were living hand to mouth as daily wage labourers. While 28 of those who died are Hindus, 27 are Muslims, one Boro, one Gorkha and one member of Tea Tribes.


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