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`Can’t live in fear, may leave village’

01, Oct 2015

Oct 01 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Purusharth Aradhak
Greater Noida
Fearing for their lives, many Muslims families on Wednesday planned to leave Bisada village in the Dadri area of Greater Noida. The family of 58-yearold Iqlakh, who was lynched late on Monday night following rumours that he had slaughtered a cow in his house, also planned to leave.
Finally, they stayed on after the district administration guaranteed their safety and pledged to arrest those responsible for the attack.There are around 50 Muslim families in the village which has 14,000 residents.
“My son has been killed, while my younger grandson is battling for his life. For the time being, police are giving us protection. But they can’t stay in the village permanently . We fear that more such attacks may take place.We are in touch with our relatives and are planning to leave the village for a safe location,“ said Asgari, the deceased’s 70-year-old mother, who too sustained injuries.Kalwa, the victim’s brotherin-law, said the relatives have also advised the family to leave. “It is now unsafe for the family to stay on in their house. We have advised the family to leave the place at least for some days,“ he said.


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