BJP cannot afford to fail electors on ‘core’ temple issue: VHP

20, Jul 2015

New Delhi, Jul 19, 2015, PTI :
Stepping up pressure for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Vishwa Hindu Parishad has said the ruling BJP at the Centre cannot afford to fail its electors on the “core issue” and must deliver on it.
Citing BJP’s manifesto, which mentions the Ram Temple among its core issues, the Hindu outfit said it was sure the party would not like to face the next election with the “failure tag”.
VHP, however, said it has no reason to doubt the intentions of BJP on delivering on the core issues, including the temple.
“Ram Temple is BJP’s core issue. No student can pass an examination unless he answers the core questions. The student may answer six general questions, but if he doesn’t answer four core questions in the paper, he will fail.
“We don’t think the BJP will like to face its electors with the tag of failure, having done nothing about the Ram Temple. We have no reason to doubt their intentions.


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