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‘Anti-Hindu’ activities on at IITs, says RSS journal

20, Jul 2015

Jul 20, 2015 | Age Correspondent| New Delhi
An article in RSS’ mouthpiece Organiser has alleged that prestigious institutes like the IITs were being turned into places for “anti-India and anti-Hindu” activities. At a time when the Opposition is attacking the Narendra Modi government over the “saffronisation” of educational and research institutes, the article has contended that the Left and Congress “still control the premium institutes” and that both parties are “masters” at “ideological control” of an institute through its board of governors and directors. It also blamed this reason behind the opposition by some IIMs to government moves involving these institutes.
Claiming that non-vegetarian food began to be served at IIT Roorkee “in the holy city of Hardwar” and that students at NIT Rourkela were “stopped” from holding a puja in the community hall, both during UPA rule, it said these incidents show “these government-funded institutes from taxpayers’ money are becoming a place for anti-India and anti-Hindu activities”.


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