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After beef found in BJP leader’s house, right-wing activists demand removal of meat shops in town

30, Jan 2016

Muslim shopowners say ‘campaign’ to target them
Written by Milind Ghatwai | Tonk Khurd (mp) | Updated: January 30, 2016 10:20 am
Two days after the alleged recovery of beef from a Muslim BJP leader’s house in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh, right-wing activists Friday asked the administration to remove mutton and chicken shops in the town, saying their presence near temples and schools violated religious feelings.
All meat shops in the town are owned by Muslims, who have alleged that right-wing outfits have launched a campaign targeting them. They have added that this ‘campaign’ has picked up momentum after a Shourya Yatra taken out by Bajrang Dal and VHP activists on December 20 last year and the recent communal violence in Dewas.
Right-wing activists said that on Wednesday, they heard a cow mooing in pain inside Anwar Mev’s house and kept a vigil outside till police arrived. The police team and two right-wing activists seized meat and a skinned head that they claimed belonged to a cow.
The right-wing activists then kept the head and meat on a handcart and paraded it through the main street to the government veterinary hospital.
Anwar’s family has claimed that the recovered meat was that of a buffalo.


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