Press Release: Mumbai Terror Attack Condemned

14, Jul 2011

Citizens for Justice and Peace
along with Communalism Combat
and Muslims for Secular Democracy
strongly condemn the perpetrators of yet another
terrorist assault on the citizens of Mumbai and extend their
heartfelt condolences to the family members of those who have lost
their lives or are grievously injured.

have no doubt that the repeated terrorist attacks in one or another
part of the country in recent years are not just incidents of
mindless violence but part of a sinister design. The obvious
intention is to widen the communal divide, spread mutual suspicion
and hatred between communities and thus endanger national unity.

Investigations into different incidents of terror attacks in recent
years have clearly revealed that extremism is not the monopoly of a
particular religion. The mass murderers may claim to act in the name
of this or that faith but they share a common objective: bleeding
India by spreading communal discord through wanton acts of violence
against innocent citizens.

applaud the citizens of Mumbai and the rest of the country for once
again frustrating the design of the extremists by maintaining peace
and communal harmony. We also applaud the Union Home Minister, Mr.
P. C. Chidambaram, for issuing clear instructions to the
investigating agencies not to jump to conclusions based on
presumptions but to conduct their investigations professionally and
with an open mind so that the real culprits are brought to justice.

Javed Anand




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